Regain Your Sanity

Apr 24

You know the scene: you’re juggling housework, your kid’s jam packed schedule, your fifth birthday party of the month and you’re not even sure what day it is. Being a modern parent is a challenge. Here are our favorite ways to clear your mind, let go of stress and start feeling like yourself again.


Quiet Your Mind

A wise mama once said “the hardest part of meditating is making the time to do it,” but it doesn’t have to be this way. We’re big fans of apps like Headspace and Calm that allow you to sneak a few minutes of mindfulness wherever you can. School pickup line? Great. Nap time? Even better. Meditation is associated with decreased stress, decreased depression, anxiety, pain and insomnia, and an increased quality of life. You know we’re strong believers that “Rest is Best” for kids and parents alike, but our  mantra extends to your mind, too! When you only need a small window of time, there are more opportunities than you think that will go a long way toward centering your mind and keeping you sane.


Move Your Body

Finding the time for solo activity is a universal struggle, but exercising is one of the single most important things you can do for yourself as a parent and human being! Endorphins aside, taking care of your body will clear your head, lift your mood and, of course, make your stronger. Many parents we know like to get their workout out of the way before anyone else gets up. Yes, a 5:00 AM alarm is unappealing, but you’ll be ready to take on the world before your little ones notice you’re gone. If morning workouts are not in the cards for you, many gyms have day care offerings for little or no charge -- win/win!


Pure, Unadulterated Relaxation

After the kids go to bed, you may want to collapse in a heap or mindlessly scroll through Instagram, but this is prime time to take an hour for yourself. Run a bath, brew some herbal tea, grab that book that’s been collecting dust on your nightstand or meet up with friends for a quick glass of wine. Just a few minutes of extra effort will translate into relaxation that will go a long way toward your mental health.

Relaxation can have a different vibe for everyone. Find your sanity-saver, go forth and prosper!

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