Advice from Real Moms: 5 Tips for Weathering Sick Season

Feb 22

It seems that the minute you announce your pregnancy advice starts coming from all angles: the good, the bad, and (worst of all!) the unsolicited. That said, when you or your child are sick, you’re desperate for tried and true tips that work. We rounded up some of the best advice on everything from self-care to Pedialyte popsicles from experienced mamas around the web:


Deep Breaths

“Remember that kids are resilient. Even if they take after dad and think they’re dying, this too will pass and chances are, they’ll get better on their own without needing a doctor.” - Erika, Living Well Mom


Fluids By Any Means Possible

“Popsicles are great when I need to get fluids in them. My boys will munch on popsicles even when I can’t get them to drink anything else. (Some people make Pedialyte popsicles but my kids didn’t go for that). Also, stock up on all the cold meds now, don’t wait until the cold hits. Sounds simple but it saves a lot of drama and late-night trips” - Dee, WOTV 4 Women

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Rest is Best

“Be like a sloth and do the bare minimum: Forget the laundry. Pull out the paper plates. Housecleaning, baths and phone calls can wait. Make sure everyone gets fed and stays alive. All other tasks and priorities can be put on hold. The more your rest, the more quickly you will feel like yourself again.” - Kristen Brunner, Huffington Post


Protect Yourself...and Your Furniture

“Cover up. Put a towel over the sofa -- and over yourself. After all, the last thing you need is a stain on your white couch to remind you of the time your baby wasn't feeling well.” Michelle Smith,


Always Trust Your Gut

Represent your baby. You  -- not your sitter, your mother-in-law, the nice nurse, or the seasoned doctor  -- are your baby's best health care advocate. If you have concerns or doubts, voice them. No matter how silly they may seem.” - Christina Boyle,

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