Spring Fever: Top Tips for Traveling with Kids & a Giveaway with Lalabu!

Mar 21

Spring break is just around the corner (with summer coming in hot right behind!), so we’re rounding up our best tips for adventuring with the whole family in tow.


Be Flexible

When it comes to traveling with little ones, it’s best to keep your expectations low and give yourself plenty of extra time. Whether driving or flying, plan around their sleeping schedule, if at all possible.

Rest stops should pack a punch. After a solid stretch, a quick game of tag or a mini scavenger hunt will burn some energy and get everyone ready for the next leg of your journey. On that note, we recommend keeping the car cozy for naps - a blanket or pillow from home can make all the difference.


Be Prepared

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks. We love bento-box style containers packed with finger foods. Make one for each child to avoid any friction. If you’re flying, feed your infant during takeoff and landing to help ease ear pressure.

More flying tips: infants and kids under two usually fly free, though they must ride on your lap. Once your kids are mobile, it gets a bit harder, so if there’s room in your budget, buy a seat and bring their carseat on board. Though we can’t make any promises, they’re likely familiar with their carseat, so they’ll know it means they need to stay seated for the duration of the flight. Most airlines prompt families with young children to board first. You may want to think twice before doing this...they mean well, but boarding can up take upwards of 40+ minutes and that’s an eternity when you’re entertaining a toddler. Let your kids run around the gate until the last minute and thank us later.

If you’re wrangling more than one (and even if you aren't) babywearing is a godsend. Newborns love to be close to another beating heart and it frees up your hands for literally anything else. We’ve partnered with Lalabu to give one lucky mom or dad $75 towards any Lalabu product (enter below). Lalabu streamlines the art of babywearing with an all-in-one babywearing shirt. No assembly or tricky wrapping tutorials required. If you win, try a signature Lalabu soothe shirt, you won’t regret it!

Regardless of age, an easily accessible extra set of clothes and pack of wipes are never a bad idea. Blow outs and juice spills can happen to anyone, anywhere! Bring a few empty large ziploc bags for soiled items that need to be quarantined.

If you don’t already have one, stow a mini first aid/sick kid kit with bandaids, Motrin, TempTraq, and Neosporin in your glove box or carry on for on-the-go illnesses. TempTraq is $4 off at Target through 4/15, so it’s a great time to invest in your sick day arsenal.

Podcasts are cool again and audio books never went out of style (don’t tell us if they did). Download your kid’s old favorites (wifi is spotty on the road and in the air, so do this beforehand) or let them choose a few that are new to them. We like the Brains On! science podcast that asks important questions like “why is the ocean salty?” or stories from the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne.

Be Spontaneous

Kids love surprises and nothing curbs a meltdown quicker than a new toy. The infamous dollar section at Target is great for this sort of thing. Stock up. And keep a few special sweet treats hidden in your bag. Surprise older, geography-loving kids with a map to follow along. For long drives, the license plate game is always a classic.

Traveling with kids is never easy, but giving them the opportunity to see the world through another lens, teaching them about patience and payoff, and the memories made make it all worth it.  

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