A Modern Mother’s Day Roundup

May 08

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like us, you’re ready to celebrate and be celebrated.  Pour yourself a mimosa, kick back and check out our Mother’s Day roundup: the best memories, advice, and gifts, a few reasons why modern moms have it slightly easier than our predecessors, and, of course, a giveaway!


Favorite Mother’s Day Gifts

A gorgeous hand woven hammock. Perfect for relaxing with a glass of rosé while the kids run wild in the backyard.  

Glossier’s latest release, Cloud Paint. The foolproof gel-cream formula lends some life to even the most tired mama’s face. 

A Winc subscription. Every parent appreciates wine delivered to their doorstep, right?

A short brim straw hat. Because those park playdates can get HOT and mama needs sun protection. Travel tip: to pack a straw hat in your luggage, flip it upside down and stash soft items underneath the brim and inside the top. Voila!  

The perfect bath caddy. It has room for your phone, a glass of wine, a book, and whatever else you might want to bring with you.

Favorite Mama Memories

“All of it. Literally every single bit. Even the hard stuff. From the milk drunk curled baby bottoms and big yawns to the tantrums...all of it. I'd give everything I own to never have this journey end.” -@melissapepinphotography 

“The first time I held him. It was pure and emotional and everything I had ever dreamed of.” -@brittany.reeves

“Hearing my little baby say ‘I love you’ for the first time.” -@mandyvolpy


Best Advice for the #NewbornMom

“Take the help. All of it.” -@megshaw

“Love on that baby and don't worry about the world around you. There will be plenty of time to worry about your hair or what your friends are doing without you later...but that child will grow up thinking you hung the moon and it's so much better being the star in your own show rather than an extra in someone else's.” -@melissapepinphotography

Just take every single moment in...even the not so great ones. Every experience (good or bad) is a learning experience in motherhood. And if you need to hide in a closet and take a breath ...do it!” -@natheckaman


Modern Mom Life is the Best Life

Raising kids in the social media era can be a headache, but we don’t know where we’d be without the world wide web! A few ways we have it easier than the parents who came before us...

Between the DockATot, Owlet, and a Rock and Play that swings itself, there’s no shortage of gadgets made to make your life a bit easier.

It’s less isolating! What did mama’s do before they could share a quick photo of their kid’s rash with their mom’s group on Facebook?

Today’s flex work schedules actually have parents spending MORE time with their kids than 40 years ago, and that is always a win in our book.

TempTraq! You can put thermometer under your kid’s arm instead of up their... well, you know.

Stock up now by taking advantage of our best sale ever - now $9.99 at Kroger! Insider Tip: Keep your eyes peeled and like our Facebook page because this deal may be coming to another major retailer soon...

From all of us at TempTraq, to all of the mamas, grandmamas, maternal beings, and caretakers out there, we see you and we honor you! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below & happy Mother’s Day!

Modern Mother's Day Giveaway

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