To: Newborn Moms

Nov 16
Dear Newborn Moms,

Your baby is seeing the world through new eyes, and just like him, you’re seeing the world in a completely new way.

You are a Newborn Mom.

As a #NewbornMom priorities change as your baby takes center stage and your focus shifts to being the best mom you can be - your time is consumed researching best baby products, baby food recipes, the perfect bath temperature, seeking out parenting advice, and so much more. As you begin to get the hang of "mom life" you realize, what often felt so out of control in those sleep-deprived early weeks, is actually something you're more than prepared and equipped to handle.  

Which is why TempTraq is such an important tool to have in your mom kit. When your child comes down with a fever, it's amazing how quickly all the anxieties of new motherhood resurface. TempTraq is an incredible new parenting technology that helps alleviate those concerns.

While a baby thermometer is a great way to check if your child is sick, once you know he or she has a fever, you should put the thermometer away and let your child get some sleep; TempTraq allows you to do just that. No more discomfort and disruption of temperature taking, and no more needless anxiety wondering if you child's temperature is safe. TempTraq lets you monitor a fever safely, comfortably, and remotely. It gives you peace of mind, when you need it most.

So while you might have moments of feeling helpless, don’t worry - you’re not alone! You’re now part of a community, an ancient group of newborn moms who have equipped you with the tools to succeed.

Use the hashtag #NewbornMom to share your story and experiences with the TempTraq community. 



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