5 Tips to prepare for cold and flu season

Oct 19
There’s no doubt that cold and flu season is everybody’s least favorite season! Every year it comes around and every year we have to deal with runny noses, scratchy throats, and body aches. There is no way to completely eliminate the risk of getting the cold or flu, but there are many things you can do to prepare and reduce the risk.

1. Flu shot - it is recommended by the CDC to get the flu shot, especially for those individuals who are at higher risk of getting the flu. This includes children 6 months to 4 years old, seniors, and women who are pregnant. Unfortunately, the flu shot doesn’t protect you from getting a cold, so it’s important to be prepared for any type of nasty winter illness. 

2. Stock your medicine cabinet – How often do you check your medicine cabinet to see if your thermometer is working or your medications are expired? Most likely, once a year, when the kids are all sick! Now is the time to prepare and go through your cabinet to ensure you have up-to-date medications to help with reducing fevers and alleviating cold and flu symptoms. 

You can also stock your medicine cabinet with TempTraq temperature monitors for the whole family. TempTraq is an innovative new way to take your temperature and can be used on newborns or even the big babies in your house! It’s a comfortable and wearable temperature monitoring alternative to the traditional thermometer.

3. Stock up on supplies – there’s nothing worse than getting a cold and not having any tissues around the house so you resort to scratchy toilet paper until someone has the will power to go out and buy tissues! Now is the time to stock your shelves with tissues, toilet paper, anti-bacterial soap, and hand sanitizer. It is also important to make sure you have disinfectant wipes and spray to keep all your household surfaces clean. 

This is also the time to think a little bit outside the box about things you might need to have in the house when the whole family is feeling under the weather! Do you have enough fuzzy blankets to keep everybody warm when they’ve got the chills? A humidifier to help those stuffy noses when you’re sleeping? Do you have everybody’s favorite movies and TV shows in the queue? 

4. Stock your pantry – Regardless of who is sick in the house, meal planning can be a logistical challenge.  An easy solution to this is keeping your kitchen stocked with foods that are easily made and digestible when the whole family is sick. We recommend a few of your favorite canned soups, bouillon cubes, electrolyte drinks, saltine crackers, ginger ale, fresh fruit and whatever other go-to meals you like to have for a cold or flu.

5. Keep surfaces clean – It’s hard enough to keep the house clean when everybody is healthy, but keeping the house germ-free is important when the kids are sick. To best prevent the spread of germs to everybody in the family, keep the surfaces in the most trafficked parts of your home disinfected.

It is also recommended that you use paper towels versus hand towels in the kitchen and bathrooms when anybody in your home is sick. This way you’re not passing the germs back and forth! Ultimately, when you’re all together in close quarters it can be hard to avoid getting sick, but taking preventative measures can be beneficial to the health of your whole family!

Sometimes when you can’t avoid something, the best thing to do is be prepared! We hope these tips help you prepare and see our Sick Kid Kit below for product suggestions to stock your medicine cabinet and cupboards!


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