Halloween Safety Tips

Oct 25
TempTraq is a product for the modern parent and it wouldn’t surprise you to know that our office is filled with parents who are always looking out for the health and safety of their own children and yours too! Halloween is a favorite holiday amongst many of the kids (and parents!) in the office and we want to ensure that you and your families have a happy, safe, and fun Halloween! We have compiled a list of tips to keep your family safe while out trick-or-treating and indulging in Halloween fun!

1. Tricks and Treats! - This might seem like an obvious one to some, but ALWAYS check your candy for any tampering and never accept homemade treats while trick-or-treating! 

Don’t over indulge – or should we say try not to over indulge! It’s tempting for your kids to try all of the loot they gathered from trick-or-treating, but it’s best to employ a system that prevents them from immediately getting a tummy ache.
2. Get Creative! – Can your children safely walk in their costume? Is their eyesight or movement impaired by their outfit? Will they be warm enough? Too hot? These are things that you should consider when you are getting ready to head out trick-or-treating.  We all know that when our kids have their costume decided there isn’t much room for improvisation, but you can make alterations from the start to please them and be safe! 

For example, if it is a particularly cold and blustery evening, but your child refuses to let you cover their costume with a jacket you can add layers beneath their costume and compromise with gloves and a hat to keep them safe and warm!
3. Be Seen! – As it gets darker much earlier in the evening, it’s important to make sure that your child can be seen by drivers when they are out trick-or-treating! It’s an unfortunate statistic, but children are more likely to be killed by a car while walking on Halloween than any other day of the year.  So remind them to look both ways, hold their hand when you cross the street and stay on sidewalks.
You can make your children more visible to drivers with glow sticks around their neck and wrists, reflective tape added to their bags and costumes, and bright colorful accents added to their ensemble!
4. Drive Safe! – You can do your part too! If you are out driving on Halloween, be sure to go slowly in neighborhoods where trick-or-treating is happening and keep your eye out for pedestrians.
5. Have Fun! – While it is important to be safe, remember to have fun! 

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