TempTraq Brings Peace of Mind to Uganda Cancer Institute

Oct 11
At TempTraq, our mission is to provide families with peace of mind when their child is sick. We were recently approached by Dr. Kevin Schwartz, a Pediatrician at MassGeneral Hospital for Children; he felt that TempTraq could not only provide families with sick children peace of mind, but also hospitals that are short on nursing staff where catching fevers are critical.

Dr. Schwartz was specifically seeking assistance from TempTraq in regards to work he is doing for the Uganda Cancer Institute. He is a co-founder of The Child is Innocent, which is a non-profit organization aimed at helping improve health, education, and provide leadership development for children in Northern Uganda. His work with this organization lead him to the Uganda Cancer Institute where he began working with pediatric cancer patients.

The major issue that Dr. Schwartz was facing within the pediatric cancer department at the institute was a shortage of nursing staff, with only about 1 nurse per every 20 – 40 patients. As a result, nurses were only able to take vital signs of patients once or twice a day and in pediatric cancer patients it is critical that vital signs are tracked more frequently to catch dangerous fevers. An undetected fever in a cancer patient with an already suppressed immune system can be extremely dangerous and potentially deadly. This is where Dr. Schwartz felt that TempTraq could be a more efficient and reliable solution for tracking temperature in pediatric cancer patients.

We were honored that Dr. Schwartz contacted us and happy to donate TempTraq units to his cause. He will introduce the units into the pediatric cancer department so that nurses can track their patients’ fevers on their smartphones and be alerted of high temperatures. They can then address the fever more quickly and efficiently and administer the appropriate anti-biotics to help fight sepsis. We hope that TempTraq will provide the nurses and patients at the Uganda Cancer Center with a more comfortable, efficient, and effective way to detect signs of sepsis sooner.

We are very honored to help Dr. Schwartz and his cause with the Uganda Cancer Institute. Stay tuned, for updates from Dr. Schwartz about how TempTraq helped with his work at the institute.

You can learn more about the Uganda Cancer Institute here: http://www.uci.or.ug/

And The Child is Innocent foundation here: www.thechildisinnocent.org

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