Download TempTraq Instructions

Q: Why would I purchase a single-use thermometer?

A: The value TempTraq offers is priceless, as it’s the only intelligent, wireless way to continuously monitor and track a sick child’s temperature. Unlike other thermometers, TempTraq and the app display both real time and historical temperature data transmitted from the patch in graphical and data table views. This allows parents to see fluctuations and quickly adapt treatment, as temperature is a key indicator of health.

Q: Where can I buy TempTraq?

A: You can buy TempTraq at,,,, and in your CVS retail store.

Q: Is the temperature reading accurate?

A: Highly accurate, the TempTraq patch measures temperatures between 87.0 and 109.3°F. It has been tested to the ASTM E1112-00 standard, which is required for all clinical digital thermometers.

Q: What mechanisms ensure there is a constant, true reading?

A: To get the most accurate body temperature readings, the arm should be relaxed by the child’s side. When the arm is relaxed by the side, the temperature sensor is enclosed, providing the most accurate body temperature readings. If you are receiving readings that do not seem accurate, simply adjust the position of the patch to ensure it is placed correctly.

Q: How do I ensure TempTraq is in the right place?

A: The patch should be placed in the underarm with the corner marked “underarm” high and centered in the armpit, simulating where you would normally place a stick thermometer. Please reference the instructional video in the app as well as the Instructions for Use pamphlet included with the product.

Q: How is TempTraq best adhered to the body?

A: Prior to placing the patch, we recommend thoroughly cleaning and drying the underarm area. Make sure it is free of lotions and deodorants. Please note that hair may affect proper adhesion.

Q: Is TempTraq reusable?

A: TempTraq is a single use product. It will monitor temperature for 24 continuous hours and is then disposable with normal household waste.

Q: Is there an expiration date?

A: The product has a three-year shelf life from the time of production.

Q: The expiration date on my patch is different than the expiration date on the box. Which date is correct?

A: If the expiration date on your patch differs from the date stated on the retail box, the expiration date on the box is the correct date. You can add one year to the date on the patch, and it will match the correct date on the back of the box. There is a bright green card inside your box detailing this information.

Q: Is there a product warranty?

A: We offer a warranty until the expiration date of the product on each TempTraq patch against defects in materials or workmanship, and agree to replace any defective product without charge.

Q: Can adults use TempTraq?

A: While primarily used by children, TempTraq can also be used with those of any age who need to be monitored.

Q: How durable is this product? Is it waterproof? Are there any safety concerns?

A: Similar to adhesive bandages, the TempTraq wearable patch is durable, water resistant and safe under normal use circumstances. The TempTraq patch is made of safe-to-use, soft, flexible, nonlatex materials that wearable patches are commonly designed with. We recommend removing the patch for bath time and reapplying it afterward.

Q: How does this work with my cell phone and tablet?

A: TempTraq users can download the free app for Android or iOS devices. Temperature data is transferred from the patch to the TempTraq app via Bluetooth 4.0.

Q: What is the range of the patch?

A: The range of the patch is up to 40 feet, dependent upon objects between the patch and the smart device that may interfere with the transmission of temperature data.

Q: Are there limitations to the Bluetooth connectivity?

A: As with any wireless device, there is a limit to how far temperature data can be broadcast by the patch and received by the smart device. When you are too far from the TempTraq patch to receive temperature data, you are notified that your device is out of range.

Q: Can the app display temperatures in Celsius?

A: Yes, the app can display in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and this can be easily changed in the app settings.

Q: Could the information transmitting from the patch to my cell phone pose potential health concerns to my child?

A: TempTraq has been third-party tested by an FCC-certified lab. It operates at a level below most wearable fitness tracking devices.

Q: Could someone access my child’s or my own personal information through the smartphone app?

A: There is no patient identifiable information transmitted from the patch.

Q: How did this product concept come about?

A: Blue Spark Technologies saw a need for a digital thermometer that eliminates having to disturb a sick child. TempTraq was created to fulfill this need for today’s busy and tech-savvy parents. It’s a comfortable, wearable, convenient, easy-to-use intelligent thermometer innovation that continuously monitors body temperature wirelessly.

Q: Where is the product manufactured?

A: TempTraq patches are assembled in the U.S with U.S. and foreign materials.