TIME - 5 New Health Gadgets That Will Actually Make You Healthier

January 07, 2015

TempTraq was featured in TIME as one of the top 5 health gadgets that will actually make you healthier Here’s what they had to say: “A wearable you’d hope to never use (but if you have a baby, you’ll probably want to), this 24-hour temperature monitor sticks to little ones’ torsos, just behind the armpit. Using Bluetooth, it connects to a smartphone app that continually records and logs temperatures. An innovation that’s clearly an improvement to anyone who has used thermometers that you have to stuff in places (I was talking armpits, what were you thinking?) or even the newer temporal scan devices that babies love to squirm under, this intelligent device can also send your phone alerts when fever spikes, and give you advice on when to medicate or feed your ill child—as well as when it’s time to replace the patch. But that last capability puts the cart before the horse. Currently undergoing FDA review, TempTraq is not available for sale, yet.”

Click here for the full article: http://time.com/3656508/ces-health-projects/